Intelligence, Due Diligence & Business Enablement

Are your future plans or strategies exposed to risk or clouded by uncertainty?

Finbarr Solutions helps you to understand the risks and then advises you on how best to mitigate against them.

Our highly skilled OSINT intelligence analysts provide clarity to decision makers through accurate and concise reporting on people, organisations, countries and regions.  Additionally, we have a number of highly experienced strategic advisors who support and advise clients on commercial opportunities and/or challenges.

From regional political and social risk, to specific threat-based reports, Finbarr Solutions holistic and specialised reporting enables businesses to make informed decisions.  Our analysts monitor, analyse and report on rapidly changing environments, bringing clarity to complex political, commercial and regulatory environments.

Whether hiring new people or finding new suppliers to entering new markets or investing in specific regions or industries, commercial decision-makers increasingly rely on detailed and accurate business intelligence services in order to mitigate risk and minimise uncertainty.