Our experienced commercial and criminal investigators work in collaboration with our intelligence analysts and security consultants to provide a host of holistic investigative services.  Our clients include international companies, SME’s, law firms and accountancies.

From integrity and due diligence checks, to corporate investigations and litigation support, our team help to identify malpractice, reduce losses, and protect against future threats.

Black Box Investigations & Analysis

Making mistakes is part of human nature.  Although negligence is frowned upon, some mistakes are due to people following what has always been done.  In today’s corporate world companies need to evolve and rapidly adapt to changing dynamics.  To stay ahead of competitors, boundaries are pushed, and new innovative thinking incorporated.  This will no doubt lead to errors, which companies should embrace as they offer the most effective form of learning.  Organisations should be less concerned with making mistakes than ensuring they learn and capitalise upon them.

The aviation industry leads the way on ‘Black Box Thinking’ yet it is something which could benefit all sectors.  Our experienced corporate investigators and analysts help clients with collecting and analysing data, then identifying and understanding the root causes of their issues.  Offering solutions on how to rectify and critically how to capitalise upon them.  By analysing data and interviewing those involved we can help you obtain that competitive edge.  We can also build tailored systems to monitor improvements.